Organza Bags

We offer many different sizes of Organza bags. Please note that the organza bags are sold by packs of 10 pieces. You can use the “Buy Now” button to add the pouches of different sizes directly to the cart, or you can check out additional information of Organza bags by clicking into the detail page. Please note that we have grouped the different sizes of pouches into one single page to avoid duplicate. However, you will have to select the pouch sizes separate on the detail page.

Ribbon String Organza Bags
Please select the sizes of Ribbon String Organza bags that you would like to purchase. The organza bags are sold in packs of 10 pieces.
3'' x 4'' Organza Bag
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4'' x 6'' Organza Bag
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5'' x 7'' Organza Bag
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6'' x 10'' Organza Bag
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8'' x 10'' Organza Bag
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10'' x 12'' Organza Bag
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