Flower Ball Manzanita Tree Centerpiece Design by PartyFavor123
This is our popular Flower Ball on Tree Centerpiece Design.
You can get it as an easy to put together bundle or purchase items separately for your own personal creation.
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Materials Included in this Bundle:
5'' or 6'' Colored Flower Ball: 1 piece (depend on availability)
Painted Manzanita Tree with Base: 1 piece
20'' Diamond String: 1 piece
20'' Color Pearl String: 1 piece
Colored Plastic Rhinestone Wrap: 1 yard
Plastic Rocks Colored Decor: Handful
DIY Bundle As Is
We will prepare all the materials for you to make this centerpiece. Simply place the order and we will provide all the materials necessary to make the Manzanita Tree center pieces shown.
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Purchase Flower Ball Manzanita Tree Centerpiece materials individually.
5'' Flower Ball

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Tree with Base

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Pearl Strands (Big)

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Diamond Strands

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6'' Flower Ball

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Medium Flower Pack

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Plastic Decoration Rock
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Plastic Rhinestone Wrap

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